Hinweise und Informationen zu Auszahlungen
When will I receive my withdrawal?
A Euro payment will be processed or transferred within 1 working day after application.
You will receive a payout from Klammlosen usually within 24 hours after application.
Except Sundays and holidays or as well as in case of illness.
How is paid?
Euro payments will be usuallyusually made by Paypal.
Euro payments via bank transfers are only possible on a bank account in Germany.
When does the conversion of Paid4 credits (points) take place?
The conversion of the Paid4 credits (points) usually takes place on the first (1st) of a month.
If the 1st is a Sunday or public holiday, the conversion will take place on the following working day.
How 123surf.de pay off
Payout are possible with

With Banktransfer only Germany
Klamm lots via klamm.de
With Paypal
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