Information Control center - Frame breaker - Popup
The Control Center automatically checks all new, active and inactive sites, banners and page peels, and abuse reports on frame Crushers, popups, the number of sub-frames and error.

If a page has a frame breaker, more than 1 pop or more than 60 sub-frames will be automatically deleted this page from the Control Center. If a page has a pop-up, the program checks whether the page is marked accordingly. If not, this is done by the program.

Sub-frames are hidden iFrames, so pages that ever invite other side over several levels and then blocked regularly Surfbar, therefore the number of permitted sub-frame is limited to max. 60 limits, otherwise, it is the deletion of the site!

Thus, the quality of surfing with - visitor exchange increased a lot!
Frame breaker
The Surfbar of - visitor exchange works only if our side is to be seen in the upper portion, ie, the sides of members and sponsors can be viewed only in a frame, but that does not when frame breakers are used. In this case, surfing would be terminated immediately.

The Surfbar page is a frame page, there are several pages displayed at once in the window, in the upper portion of one side of us and in the middle section the sides of members and sponsors. If your site uses a frame breaker, then this site automatically enlarged to the entire window content.

We have a frame breaker test
Enter your website in the form and go to "Submit". Then a new window opens. If the page is completely loaded and you can still see our URL ( in the address bar of your browser, then everything is fine. But if your address suddenly appears in the address bar, then you have a frame breaker.

Your webseite:

Your pages may only have a maximum of 1 popup each. Follow-up popups are not allowed.

Websites which are registered as page peel, may not use a popup since they transfer this when calling the page on - visitor exchange and we do not use popups!

A pop-up is a pop-up window that automatically pops up when you enter or leave a page.

The name comes from the fact that popups "jump up" while covering other parts of the website. The position of pop-up windows on the screen is usually arbitrary. An example of a popup element is the context menu, which appears at the mouse cursor position. Since undesirable pop-up popups for advertising purposes for Internet users are extremely disturbing, have modern browsers on Popupblocker.
Current status: 2019 September