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We are pleased that you want to credits / advertising at 123surf.de - visitor exchange book (recharge). Please enter your data in the form. On the next page you will then see the exact sum and again all the data listed. Only when you confirm this data, you place an order.

You can divide your credit balance into all forms of advertising. Extensive statistics, campaigns can be stopped, edited and started at any time. Great advertising packages at top prices. visitatori.de reserves the right to add new forms of advertising or to deactivate existing ones as well as to change the conditions (see also our terms and conditions).

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* 1,000 Credits
As from Price per 1,000 Credits
1,000 Credits 0.15 EUR
50,000 Credits 0.10 EUR
100,000 Credits 0.07 EUR
500,000 Credits 0.04 EUR
1,000,000 Credits 0.02 EUR

Fees for PayPal as from Base fee plus
0.01 EUR 0.43 EUR 2.31 %
Banner advertising (formats: 468x60 | 120x600 | 120x120 | 88x31)
Click4Credits advertising (Banner and Textlink)
Click4Win advertising (Banner and Textlink)
Paidmail advertising (daily automatic delivery possible, also as HTML Paidmail)
PagePeel advertising (also called dog-ear)
Popup advertising (reload lock 60 minutes / 1 hour)
Surfbar advertising (your websites in our surfbar)
Textlink advertising (your text links in our surfbar)
Bonuspartner advertising only for sponsors (in preparation)
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