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Just brilliant!

Free visitors to your web site?
We offer you as a webmaster can easily and automatically receive thousands of visitors to your website.

How does it work? The principle is simple. You sign up and get a URL of us.
This URL will then be shown various pages of our members, 20 or
30 seconds eac. After this period, always a new page is loaded.

And why? For each page you receive points on your credit.
And this points
you convert visitors to then.

Test our automatic Demo Surfbar: DEMO
There is a 1-4 fold surfbar for VIP members.

Get it now 8,500 Credits + 2.00 EUR Start Credit!
Sign up and participate in the 123surf.de Ref Rallye.

Full transparency, no obligations, no commitment. Can be terminated at any time and DSGVO (Privacy regulation) optimized.
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100% free and without obligation   Full cost control, statistics and more

8,500 Credits + 2.00 EUR Start credits   Divide promotional credit
Fair ratio 10:8 - VIP ratio 10:10   Website display in the Surfbar
5 Ref levels (10% / 5% / 4% / 3% / 2%)   Surfbar Advertising - Banners, Text Links
0.65 EUR Referee recruited user   Paidmails (HTML- and Textmails)
20 and 30 Seconds Multi-Surfbar   Banner advertising different formats
Payout from 3,00 EUR (Paypal / Bank)   Member website control before activation
Payout also in Klammlose instead EUR   and much more...
Earn money
Make money or lots through   Full control while earning

Surfing with the Surfbar or BeexViewer   Bank balance
Click banner   Paid4 Rate
Begging   Statistics
Read paid mails   You decide how to pay
Advertise new referral   Paypal, Bank or Klamm lots
Click text link   and much more
Last Payrate per Credit 0.00001883 EUR
How 123surf.de pays off
Payout are possible with

With Banktransfer only Germany
Klamm lots via klamm.de
With Paypal
Exchange office - Exchange credits
Currency Receive credits Pay off credits
Klammlose 1 Credit costs 5,000 Lose 1 Credit results 500 Lose